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Monday, October 1, 2012

Kylie's letter, 10/1/12


Pretty sure this week was one of the worst I have ever had. So turns
out that all of the pastors of the other churches are starting to warn
their members about us. Its getting harder and harder to enter into
peoples homes. It just makes me sad to think that these people are so
controlled by their pastors. And they are missing the whole point of
following God.  I know this just means that there are
more people that need to hear our message, and that Satan is trying to
run us out of there. But I don't give up that easily.

This week we received new sisters. They are great. It is one of my old
companions Sister Vieira, sister Araújo. Who is brand new in the
mission. I love being with the newbies they are so excited for the
work and have great ideas and are super duper animated. This is
exactly what this branch needs. And I love that they are proactive, I
love the other sisters that were here with us but they didn't do much.
So this transfer will be great, I don't feel so much pressure to do
everything anymore.

The happenings of the week:
We have been working on the marriage of Anamaria and Jorge, a really
humble poor family that are doing everything certinho. They are
reading the Book of Mormon together as a family. Actually the son reads because
his parents can't read and they are saying family prayers together too.
I love them sooo much. They need to get married. And turns out that
marriage is super complicated here and they like to take advantage of
two American girls. First they told us they don't do it for free. So we
went to the city hall who explained to us that it is a Brazilian law,
they have to do it for free, so we went back to this place and told
them that. And they were like, oh ok- actually we do it. But you have
to do all of this stuff. So we did it, and then they were like, oh ok-
actually you have to have one more witness, and you have to make an
additional copies of all of this stuff, so we did it. And then they
said, oh – ok actually we have to check the law and make sure she can
even be married because Ana Maria doesn't know how to write her name
she sign things by using her finger print. And apparently that is a
problem.  I am so frustrated with this lawyer
that is over marriages. So now we are teaching her how to write her
name. But I am pretty sure we'll go back and they will tell us we have
stand on our heads and sip juice or something.
The day of Saint Cosmo and Daemon was this week. And the Catholics
and people who do black magic off candy to these saints. And it
basically puts a curse on the candy and then they give it to the kids.
The kids go crazy with this. Free candy. And it is really just a
superstition but some people really believe in it. Our recent converts
Angela and her family were telling us to not eat the candy. She was so
serious I believed her and didn't eat anything. But after when I
learned what it was I accepted all the cursed candy I could get and I
am still alive.
Yesterday was a downer. Angela and Lu and Natalia didn't come to chruch
they said they wanted to stay in their old chruch. It was so random.
We went to their house and they talked about how they are returning to
their old ways to wear earrings, pants, paint nails, listen to music,
they think they are returning to the world, and that this church was
not bringing the change into their lives that they wanted. It makes me
sick to remember the times they felt the spirit that they received
answers. And Lu said that she felt so happy and liberated because she
was finding and learning that all these things were ok to do. And
before when she felt so guilty because she wanted to these things. But
she was learning that to be a disciple of Christ goes deeper than just
outward appearance, that you can still be in the world but not of the
world. But something happened. It was so random, they were all gung ho
about doing visits with us and chruch and everything, but something
happened Saturday night. I think their dad who is from the pentecostal
chruch has something to do with it. He is suuuuper radical. And likes
to make people doubt their beliefs. That lesson I left them with
chapters to read in the Book of Mormon and a lot of prayer, after sister Zeller
and I came home and bawled our eyes out and read Alma 26. I think
Satan knows that this family has a lot of potential and he is sending
in his strongest forces to make them fall away.  Pray for them. I am a
little scared because they were so changed yesterday when we talked
with them. Their hearts are closing. And with a hardened hearts even
the Spirit of God can't touch. But I know that  miracles are real, and
that God will help them.

We have an appointment with Angela tonight. With just her and no one else. 
I hope it will shed a little more light on the situation. But things are good, and this church is true! Don't forget it. 

love you all sooo much 


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