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Monday, October 22, 2012

Kylie's letter 10/22/12

This week was pretty normal. nothing super duper extraordinary happened. It was a good week this week, we reached our goals in lessons and then some on Friday so that made Saturday and Sunday less hectic. I am sending a bunch of pictures to make this email more exciting but here goes this week:
This week I ate my first Brasilian coconut, one of the families we are teaching gave us a whole bunch and we used our creativity to open them. The water is apparently really healthy but I felt like I wanted to throw up when I drank it. It wasn't that good. But the meat was pretty good - due to the fact that is PACT with saturated fatty acids. My favorite! (I still have random dietetic facts floating in my head) 

Also this week we have been scoping out a few new neighborhoods to work in. This last week we went to Macadinha which is a super historical place they had a little museum there that we happened upon knocking on doors. So the houses are where the slaves were kept, so it is just one huge building with a bunch of doors. We taught 4 lessons in one hour it was great. It was just one house after another. And the museum is in one of the units that we clapped at thinking it was a house but lo and behold a tour guide met us and took us on a mini tour of this little memorial they have. the only problem is it is way far away from the church and they don't have buses on Sunday.... so we will see what happens. 

This week we had a fireside and our choir presentation it was great. I love Brazilians. They all sing with a lot of gusto even when it isn't the right notes. the spirit was felt. 

All this week our families are going super well. the one family of Adriano e Adriana - the one with the sister in Rio that is a member. They are progressing slowing but surely. The husband said that he likes how we taught and that we are different from other churches instead of insisting that it is true we just bear simple testimony and let them find out for themselves. He told his wife after we left (she told us after)that he didn't want to read the Book of Mormon because if he read it and believed it he would have to stop drinking. This is actually great because that means he understands what we are trying to do and our purpose. The next visit he had read until page 20! They are a great family. My second real family that I have taught on the mission! WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!

But that is about all for this week! The mission is great! I love feeling the spirit everyday and helping others better their lives! I love Brazil and I love quissamã and I love you all!!!

happy week! 

sis p

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