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Monday, October 8, 2012

Kylie's letter 10/8/12

and my comp were crammed into a single little cubicle in a internet
cafe shop thinger that was boooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiling hot
listening to conference in English. I love speaking Portuguese and
listening and all that jazz but the translators just don't cut it with
the real thing. So there we were listening and sweating all cramped in
this little space and then President Manson announced the new age
limits and we both freaked out. If you can imagine two American, tall,
blond haired, blue eyed girls with sweat pouring down our faces, girls,
that already are drawing the looks of everyone in the room, we start
cracking up and making lots of noises of excitement and surprise it
was a great moment--shared by us and every other Brazilian in that
internet house. But, WOW. Jesus Christ is coming soon for sure. I
bet we are gonna see an awesome surge in missionary work, it is going
to be so awesome. Very cool!

But here is the low down for the week.
- Everything is great with Lu and Angela and Natalia. After a lot of
fasting and prayer they remembered their testimonies that they felt
and after a lot of spiritual experiences they had they are good to go.
Lu and Natalia both want to serve a mission. Lu was really cute, she
called and apologized on the phone and said as she was thinking and
praying about the things I said she remembered Christ who talked about
how sad he gets when one of his sheep gets lost and she thought of me
(I just sat there and cried when I heard that she was doubting and
everything). But they are again firm in the chruch and I am working
close with the leaders here to help keep it that way with them. They
will be such good missionaries they know the bible inside out. Que
- Had interviews with president and looks like i will be training next
transfer. Not super excited to leave this area. I love it here. Its
like my second family. But I know I will love my next area and
everything will be great.
- Brazil just finished with their elections here and it has been crazy. They really go all out here just for city mayor. They have flyers, newspapers, cards, and cars decorated, and music that cars play while drying everywhere. It is pretty intense, but glad it is over. Now all the people will be returning to their houses and have normal lives again. Thank goodness. I was getting tired of the response, "Sure you can come over' but wait after the politics are over...."
- We are teaching the perfect family. Every missionary dreams to have a family like this. But they need to marry. Ana maria, Jorge, Carlos Santos, and Luan, we are also teaching their other daughter that lives with another family. They are too poor to take care of everyone. She will be baptized this weekend if everything goes well. We are waiting for their marriage to take place to baptize them. I don't know if I will be around to see their marriage, but they will get baptized, they are praying as a family everyday and reading the Book of Mormon everyday. The parents don't know how to read or write so their 11 yr old son reads for them every day. They are a great family and I am already seeing how the gospel is blessing their family. 
- We didn't get to watch all of conference, because of internet problems but the parts I saw were really good. I am looking forward to the Liahona that will come out. Way cool announcements about the new temples and the new missionary age. Crazy crazy crazy

love you all

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