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Monday, October 29, 2012

Kylie's letter 10-29-12


This week was great – here are the details

- Bought my first hammock! So I wasn't even interested in buying it but

this poor guy comes up to us and starts with 30 reais. And he starts

going down to 25 than 20 and kept pushing 20. I was trying to get rid

of him and told him we would buy it for 10 reais which is 5 bucks

super cheap. Thinking he would leave us, but he agreed and Sis. Z and I

bought our 5 dollar Brazilian hammocks! Whoohooo! Poor guy i think he

was just trying to get money to pay for a bus ticket out of Quissamã.


- This week I discovered the fun of catching chickens and little chicks.

It is incredibly entertaining and super difficult. A bunch of our
investigators have these little animals running all over their yards
and the kids will run and catch them, and I joined them too. And i
  don't think I have ever had so much fun on the mission. The poor little
things start squawking and squawking. But it is so triumphant when you
actually grab one and hold their cute little fluffy bodies in your
hand. que alegria!

- I also met my new hippie boyfriend. And guess what?! He is a member!

So we planned it all out, I'll finish my mission and come back and
reactivate him and then we will get married and travel Brazil,
  Brazilian hippie style! He made me a rose out of a palm leaf! What
can I say- I have a thing for hippies and they have a thing for me!

- This week I got my first dose of heat rash. Summer is starting to

creep in, and I was starting to get mosquito bites (or so I thought)
And I was telling my companions, the mosquitos really ate me last
night etc etc. And then that night when I was taking a shower I
noticed a huge rash all over my body with big welts and we concluded
must be heat rash. That night I couldn't sleep because my whole body
was itching soooo bad. But sis Z had this medbond stuff that I used,
and it is going away now, and I just have little splotches now and
then. Oh the joys of Brazil!

- Also this week we went to another historical museum that happened to

be at the same time as a whole bunch of students from a near by city.
And we the Americans- sono became one of the extractions. They also
wanted to take pictures of us and with us. What can I say – we are
pretty cool.
- Also sister z and I have started teaching seminary here and we have been creating a scripture mastery cd with music. I love seminary! 
- also spiritual thought of the week - one of the elders gave this for a training for district meeting he talked about the gospel and how in the gospel you have to know that it is true, feel that is true, and act like it is true. These three verbs - to know, to feel, and to do - and that is what makes a true follower of Jesus Christ. I really liked that - because there are people here with all sorts of combinations some know and feel it but don't do anything about it, others feel and do it but don't know much, others etc. But with the three together is a powerful combination. All of us can be better about knowing the gospel, feeling the gospel, and living the gospel. 

amo vocês. And happy Halloween this week!!! We are having a Halloween p-day today and carving pumpkins - or we are going to try to carve pumpkins. they are different here more like squash! but that is okay!

love you all


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